The Sonoma Valley or Valley of the Moon is the Valley of Fun stuff to do.  Some weekends there are over 30 separate music events happening in the Sonoma Valley. Put that together with great food and wine and the Sonoma Valley is your place for a good time.

Just this past Saturday evening after dinner at home my wife and I decided to go see some music. Of course I checked and found two interesting things happening within walking distance.  The Sonoma Speakeasy was open with Latin music and Murphy's Irish Pub and Restaurant had rock with Loosely Covered. The Sonoma Speakeasy was packed.  This was their first night open since before Covid.  The crowd was dancing ans loving it.  Muphys was also packed with locals and toursits. We saw many friends at both places and had a ball.  So good to get out and away from the TV.  I highly recommend it,

But its not just music in the Sonoma Valley: There's the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and many art Galleries whose exhibitions are shown here.  There's live theater with Sonoma Arts Live...soming up this weekend on the Rotary Stage at the Community Center (we will be there) and Transendence Theater Company performances.  There are food and wine events including paired dinners and pop-ups. There are a whole bunch of ourtdoor activities in the Sonoma Valley parks and outdoor spaces. Not to menition special films, classes, speakers, fundraisers and other special events.

So much to do in the Sonoma Valley. So get out and enjoy all that the Sonoma Valley has to offer.  Get yourself happening in the Sonoma Valley...join us!